God Of War On Pc: Kratos Without Beard And Eyebrow? Now It Exists Thanks To A Mod

The release of God of War on PC was greeted with great enthusiasm by critics and audiences, but it also involves another interesting detail: the modders are already actively working on the title signed Santa Monica Studio, preparing more or less substantial changes to the game content

We have already seen the best mods for God of War on PC, but the surprises continue to come copious with the passing of days. And here’s what small visual mods can leave their mark: do you want to play while dressing the clothes of a younger Kratos, without a beard, without an eyebrow and with a couple of thick mustaches? Now you can do this thanks to the mod of DisablePP already available on Nexus Mods.

The content, simply titled “Kratos No Eyebrows No Beard,” does not upset anything of the Sony opera in terms of gameplay and only acts on its iconic protagonist, who shows up with a look at

Despite the piracy issues, God of War had a big boom of PC players, thus decreeing an immediate and likely success destined to grow again as time passed.

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