God Of War On Pc And The Benefits Of Reflex Technology: Details And Videos From Nvidia

During the CES 2022 it was confirmed that The Day Before and 9 other games will support NVIDIA DLSS, as well as games that will benefit from the benefits given by the Reflex technology. Among these we also find God of War, coming on PC on 14 January 2022.

Already at the announcement of God of War for PC was confirmed support for NVIDIA technology, but the CES 2022 was the opportunity to see in action the new version of the famous title signed Santa Monica Studios with all the advantages given by Reflex By posting on its official website about the games that will receive support for Reflex, the company has also provided some interesting details about God of War.

“God of War 2018 is one of the best action ever made, with compelling characters, a compelling story, an incredible world to explore, and spectacular battles and game sequences,” explains NVIDIA briefly and then analyze the data benefits But if your PC latency is high, the gameplay appears slow and the controls are not responsive. Combos are harder to chain, the most difficult jumps are wrong and the whole experience seems slowed down. But with NVIDIA Reflex the gameplay will become more responsive allowing you to beat the bosses with dodged at the last second and powerful combos.”

Finally, we remind you that God of War on PC will also support DLSS technology, as well as HDR and other exclusive technical features for this version. It is now time to wait until next 14 January.

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