God Of War: How To Unlock The Secret Ending On Pc

After raging on PS4, God of War is preparing to leave the mark even among PC players. The first adventure of Kratos and Atreus between the Norse lands is a concentration of action, exploration and mysteries to discover, able to entertain for a long time and then close with an exciting final.

What might escape, however, is the fact that history does not end once it reaches the highest peak of Jotunheim’s reign and scattered the ashes of Kratos’ dead wife. There is still a small but fundamental piece of the puzzle missing, which can be easily reached with a little attention. Once the queue titles started during the descent from Jotunheim, and spoke one last time with our fellow travelers, Kratos and his son Atreus had the time to rest after a long journey full of obstacles and dangers.

Although it is now possible to continue wandering around the map looking for all remaining secondary activities, the next stop is to return home, the same point from which the game began. Once you return to our warrior’s hut, you can lie in bed for a long night’s sleep. In doing so, God of War’s secret finale unlocks, set a few years later and sees the appearance of an important figure standing threatening in front of Kratos. The queue titles will then start again, and then have free access to the map again to finish the last unfinished business.

If you have any other curiosity about the new version of the title Santa Monica Studios, that’s how God of War weighs for PC. Would you like to know if it is possible to transfer the saves from PS4 to God of War PC?

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