God Of War: How To Unlock All The Realms Of The Game

The story of Kratos and Atreus in the latest God of War (here is God of War’s review for PC) is set in Norse mythology, where the Lake of the Nine is the central point from which I leave In God of War there are five worlds that can be visited, but two of them are secrets: here’s how to reach them.

The kingdoms of Alfheim, Hellheim and Jotunheim are impossible to miss, being visitable to specific points of the main history. They are in fact three fundamental stages of Kratos’ and Atreus’ journey into the worlds of Norse mythology, and of personal history that concerns the ashes of the boy’s late mother. Maspelheim and Nilfheim are the two optional kingdoms of God of War, which concern end game content: to access these places it is essential to find at least four chests containing the inscriptions in their respective languages, to be used then in the Bifr

Where to find the codes of Muspleheim and Niflheim

The most important advice is to search whenever you can the shores and ravines of Lake Nine, because some of the cipher pieces are scattered through the immense mirror of Midgard water, while others are

Code of Maspelheim: Route to the Mountain (near a tower after the temple of Tyr), Cave of the Raven, Cave of Lost, entrance to Alfheim

Niflheim Code: Mountain Entrance, Watchtower, Ruins of the Ancients, Secret Chamber of Tyr (point of the plot)

Do not rush to pick up the fragments if you are still at the beginning of the adventure, for the two secret realms represent what is God of War’s end game, with extremely powerful enemies and high-level equipment required. As we have seen, in fact, the game itself suggests this condition by hiding some of the pieces behind crucial steps for the plot. But about the title of Santa Monica Studio, here’s how to unlock God of War’s secret finale.

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