God Of War: How To Get The Strongest Armor Of The Game

God of War has a wide variety of equipment, especially in the armor pieces worn by Kratos. These are divided into three slots: bust, arms and hips, with always different statistics, often with bonuses linked to complete sets. In particular, two of these are particularly powerful: here’s how to get them.

The sets we are talking about are the fog and the valkyrie, both end game content and for which you will have to struggle a bit. To get them you will necessarily have to unlock first the secret kingdom of Niflheim, and face several times the labyrinth of the Ivaldi laboratory, a procedural area that will each time reset.

How to get the fog set

The armor in question is actually available in three different versions, each with a combination of different statistics. To obtain the nine pieces you will have to enter the Ivaldi laboratory and search for the various chests that will appear randomly in the areas of the kingdom. Once you have obtained at least three equipment of the same type (divided into bust, arms and hips) you can craffinate the set, which will start from level 7. However, to maximize it you will have to return to the intricate dungeon to collect as many echoes as possible of the fog as other materials, all found in Niflheim.

How to get the Valkyrie set

The other most powerful set of God of War (in this regard, can you transfer God of War’s saves from PS4 to PC?) is that of the Valkyrie, which in the adventure of Kratos and Atreus As in the previous case, here too there will be three pieces needed to get the basic version of the armor, so you will just defeat the same number of winged warriors. If your goal is to wear the maximum power offered by this set, then your hunt will cover all nine valkyries, including Queen Sigron. The kingdom of Niflheim will also be indispensable to obtain materials useful for crafting and strengthening the various pieces.

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