God Of War For Pc Is A Simply Sensational Porting: The Word To Digital Foundry

The Spartan has also bewitched Digital Foundry. If what we have told you in our review of God of War for PC was not enough to convince you, then find out what the English editorial staff have to say.

On the day it is officially launched on Steam and Epic Games Store, Digital Foundry describes God of War for PC as “a simply sensational porting.” The work done by Jetpack Interactive amazes from the very first impact. Menus are simple, legible and easily navigable even with mouse and keyboard. Different aspects ratio are supported, including 16:10 and 21:9 (see God of War’s UtraWide trailer for a taste), and you can also take action on numerous graphic options. The only negative note is the lack of FOV regulator, but developers can be justified: it would have been difficult to put it into a game entirely made in sequence plan (they had difficulties with UltraWide too).

God of War for PC is higher than the patched counterpart for PS5. NVIDIA Reflex guarantees a reduction of the input lag of 11ms compared to that offered by DualSense. The artifacts generated by the PlayStation checkerboard rendering are a distant memory on PC, while NVIDIA DLSS works well. Even the less attentive eyes are evident the considerable qualitative leap made in the modelling of the geometries, in the generation of shadows and in the resolution of the textures. More details you can discover them by watching the Video Analysis attached in the news opening and following the link to the original examination at the bottom.

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