God Of War 2: What Does The Ragnarok Of The Title Mean?

The follow-up to the acclaimed work of 2018 will conclude Kratos’ Norse parenthesis, in an adventure that will put us in front of Thor, Odin and other mythological figures like the God of the Tyr War. The name given to the game is explanatory: Ragnarok. But what is this event and what could happen? Watch out for possible spoilers.

Among the stories of Norse mythology the most famous and discussed is Ragnarok, at the center of numerous stories set among the ice-cream territories of the people of the north. In God of War we recognize a first hint towards the end of history, when a dying Baldur pronounces the word’snow’ while some sporadic ice cream bow appears on screen. The snow is in fact a clue to the imminent Fimbulvetr (or Fimbulwinter), sign of the arrival of Ragnarok (in this regard, here are new details on the plot of God of War Ragnarok).

Ragnarok is the fate of the Gods, the event that, through a war between forces of light and darkness, will destroy Midgard and the world known, generating a new one and killing almost all the gods and creatures known between In the poetic Edda, a collection of poems of medieval origin, among the survivors of the cataclysm are Modi and Magni, the two sons of Thor who Kratos kills in the game of 2018. The variant of the Greek God is in fact fundamental to understand how the most crucial moments of Ragnarok will change, which could completely upset what we know from the writings we have received. In this regard, Sony Santa Monica has defined the final of God of War Ragnarok as surprising but inevitable.

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