Gig Tiger ‘With Turbo’: A Fan Turns It Into A Game Boy Advance!

On the wave of nostalgia for the 1990s Tiger portable games, a retrogaming enthusiast decided to “put the turbo” on his old GIG Tiger turning it into a perfectly functioning Game Boy Advance.

The author of this unusual project is Downing’s Basement, a youtuber specializing in the teardown of consoles of the past to create “hyrid retrogaming” based on the reingering of hardware.

With the help of a good welder and patience, the content creator has fulfilled his childhood dream by endowing his old console Tiger Electronics with the much more advanced hardware of Game Boy Advance, with a lot of

Unlike the final result, it was not an easy project: you have not just had to insert the hardware of the Game Boy Advance in the “naked” body of the GIG Tiger, but had to redesign from scratch.

The video packaged by Downing reconstructs the highlights of his work and shows the final result of the “enabled” Tiger console, with a lot of video games testing for Game Boy Advance on possession. Let us know with a comment what you think of this project, but first we invite you to read our special on the history of portable consoles from Game Boy to PSP.

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