Ghost Of Tsushima: The Film Director Has Played It Several Times

Among the many personalities who participated in the first of Matrix Resurrections we can also find Chad Stahelski, or the director currently working on the film transposition of Ghost of Tsushima. Interviewed by IGN USA, the director spoke about the film and how it is preparing to make it in the best way.

In addition to confirming that he has played and completed the adventure license plate Sucker Punch over and over again, Stahelski has also stated that he is perfectly aware of what usually happens with video game adaptations. Precisely for this reason, the director wants to take all the time he needs and is working with developers to make sure that he insert everything that has made the game popular around the world into the film.

As far as the choice of actors is concerned, it seems that there is nothing certain yet. The interviewer asked the director that Jin Sakai’s role would be occupied by Daisuke Tsuje, the official voice player of the protagonist, but apparently it is not said to be so. It seems, then, that Jin Sakai may not be his English voice and face.

For those who did not know what the director’s previous work was, Stahelski directed all three of John Wick’s films and will also deal with the fourth chapter of the hectic film starring Keanu Reeves.

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