Get Back The Q&A Gaming Today At 3:00 P.M., Leave Us Your Questions For The Live

2022 brings the dowry back to the Q&A Gaming of, a format very popular with the viewers of the Twitch channel but that in recent weeks had disappeared from the schedule to leave room for other broadcasts. But finally the Q&A is ready to make its return in style!

The presence of a daily morning space dedicated to free chatter allows us to answer many of your questions but in this early year we decided to restore a more institutional space for questions and answers, with a new one: Q&A will not be broadcast every week

The first Q&A of 2022 will be broadcast this afternoon at 15:00 on the Twitch channel of and as usual we invite you to leave us below your questions. There is so much to talk about thanks to the arrival of highly anticipated games such as Elden Ring and Horizon Forbidden West, the likely cancellation of the E3 2022 Digital Edition, the shortage of stocks of consoles of current generation and strategies

We just ask you to be concise in your questions so that we can answer more people during the live, otherwise… get wild and of course we expect you on Twitch.

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