Genshin Impact: Yomiya From Fireworks In The Splendid Cosplay Of Nanaho

Japan has a great tradition of firefighters, with the many summer festivals where fireworks are displayed. The character of Genshin Impact Yomiya is also based on this: the archer, of evident Japanese inspiration both by name and by dress, is the current owner of Naganohara Fireworks.

A character like this could not help but have an affinity with the pyre element, and at first it was thought that it could compete with various characters of Genshin Impact, thus proposing the construction of new groups. It was not so since some video players say Yomiya has some balancing problems, but still remains a very chatty character and above all very represented on the net.

It has in fact much appeal and you can see it in the many Yomiya theme cosplays that are proposed on various social media. Instagram, Reddit and Twitter are also full of more or less faithful versions of the pyro archer. Many of these shots also come from Japan, as well as remembering the cosplayer Nanaho in various tweets. His Yomiya cosplay with fireworks but also immersed in quiet atmospheres well highlight the characteristics of the character of Genshin Impact.

For another character of fire, we’ll send you back to Amber’s incendiary cosplay.

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