Genshin Impact: Where Can Sakura Bloom Be Found?

Whether it’s to cook the best dishes of all Inazuma, to meet the demands of Kito and Kina or even just to finish the Ascension of Ayaka, Sakura Bloom are a resource that – within Gensh Let’s take a look at the areas on the map where you can find them in large quantities.

Sakura Bloom appear to players in the form of purple floating balls and can be collected exclusively by employing an electric skill. Hit the globes will allow you to collect the contents: if you are trying to accumulate many cherry petals, the best advice to follow is to visit the Grand Narukami Shrine, on the island Naruka

In addition to being the largest sanctuary in Inazuma, in fact, this majestic temple located on the top of Mount Yougou is perennially surrounded by blooming cherry trees. Below, at the bottom of the article, here are the areas marked on the map where you can make incetta of these useful materials.

Among the curiosities related to the title signed miHoYo, did you know that Genshin Impact’s revenues exceeded those of Fornite during their first year of life? Finally, we send you a rumor that Xiao and Yunjin could be the characters of Genshin Impact’s 2.4 update.

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