Genshin Impact: The Beautiful Lady In A Fascinating Cosplay

Genshin Impact has many playable characters. The continent of Teyvat is vast and will need the strength of so many different powers to face all the present enemies. Sometimes, the Chinese studio miHoYo, which is growing this video game, adds other characters to the group.

Arataki Itto is currently on the way, but not only. Genshin Impact is based on many characters to play, yet there are those who, despite not belonging to this unlockable cast, managed to get quite a bit of popularity, especially among the cosplayers. In addition to Mona Megistus’ cosplays, they are very popular on Instagram and other social media cosplays of La Signora, aka la Fair Lady.

Its introduction is very recent, dates back in August 2021, yet the audience of Genshin Impact loved this brilliantly-minded boss with unparalleled beauty. The Yashafluff cosplayer has been working on the business and, judging from the photos below from her Instagram account, she has succeeded perfectly.

The cosplay of The Lady from Genshin Impact reproduces exactly the very particular dress of the villain of the video game, fascinating anyone who looks at her.

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