Genshin Impact: Rosary In A Cosplay That Is Far From Freezing

In Genshin Impact each character has more than one affinity. Some people use remote weapons, like bows, and those who use white weapons, between swords and spears and much more. The same applies to the magical aspect: the characters of Genshin Impact can exploit one of the elements of nature to enhance themselves.

The attacks get an extra charge thanks to the ability to add the pyro element or cryo, increasing the power. In 2021 another playable character was added in Genshin Impact: Rosaria. The member of the church of Favonius – one of the most important institutions in Mondstadt and home to many characters in the video game – is another of the four-star characters in this area of the world.

Introduced in April 2021 in Genshin Impact, Rosaria is a woman with long red hair with a white and purple dress, which fights with a long spear that allows her to exploit her icy powers. The cosplayer Suisai has immersed herself in nature and has dressed the character’s clothes to show you a well-made Rosaria cosplay with lots of details.

Always from the world of Genshin Impact, here is a cosplay by Kujo Sara and an exciting cosplay by Raiden Shogun.

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