Genshin Impact: New Leaks Reveal The Skin Of Ningguang And A Hero Of Chasm

There is little time left for the announcement of the contents of Genshin Impact’s update 2.4, which should be released in the first weeks of 2022. Waiting to learn more about Shenhe and Yun Jin, some leaks have anticipated what is ahead of us in the coming months in free to play.

The first leak concerns Yao Yao, a new female character who never leaves behind his most trusted friend, a small creature who accompanies her inside a backpack. We do not know exactly what the rarity of this character or what his main weapon is, but the dataminers are pretty sure that we will see it coming in the banner in time that will be activated in conjunction with the publication of Chasm, a small additional portion

The other important leak concerns additional costumes and, more specifically, the extra skin of Ningguang. It seems that soon we can customize the 4 Star Geo warrior with a beautiful and elegant blue costume, whose image has sprung up on the net in the last hours. It is unlikely that the leak is a fake, also because it has been for weeks that rumors of the arrival of the additional skins of Ningguang and Keqing. It is not to be excluded that in update 2.4 developers repeat what was seen in the summer update, allowing players to unlock the Ningguang costume for free and putting on sale that of Keqing.

Waiting for official information, which could come very soon, we remind you that tomorrow will come a new Genshin Impact event with so many Free Primogems.

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