Genshin Impact Leak: A Series Of Videos Reveals Yae Miko’s Skills And Details

Just a few hours after the debut of version 2.4 of Genshin Impact and banner that allows you to unlock Shenhe and Xiao, here are the web all the anticipations and video games related to Yae Miko.

As usual, in fact, with the debut of the update for all players has been distributed to the testers the not definitive version of the next update, which is why all the details on the highly anticipated character Electro 5 Stars have been published. Thanks to leaks we can finally be sure that its main weapon will be the catalyst and that it will not be in any way a healer. Unlike some community users, it is a supporting character that is based entirely on Elemental Mastery statistics, which is fundamental to increase its effectiveness in the field.

With its Elemental Skill, Yae Miko places Electro artifacts that take the name of Sesshou Sakura: these strike enemies at fixed intervals in the vicinity with Electro attacks whose damage increases when the number of artifacts is higher (if they are Tenko Kenshin is instead the Elemental Burst, a move that Yae Miko evokes an electric fox that inflicts Electro damage to the area. Activation of this skill transforms artifacts into electric bullets that unleash against enemies, increasing the damage of the Elemental Burst.

Before leaving you to videos showing Yae Miko in action, we remind you that miHoYo has announced 4 new Genshin Impact skin, one of which is for Mona.

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