Genshin Impact Is The Most Mentioned On Twitter In 2021, Also Elden Ring In The Ranking

A recent study that highlights the growth of digital sales in the gaming sector and also includes other interesting data regarding the market performance in the year now at the end of the year, has also confirmed what are the most popular games on Twitter.

In the first place of the top 10 video games that on the social network were the most successful in 2021 we find Genshin Impact, which managed to capture the highest position not so much for the tweets that involve him but for the retwe

Here is the complete ranking of the ten most talked about games on Twitter in 2021:

Genshin Impact – 11.625 Tweet and 2.719.202 Retweet Final Fantasy XIV – 10,190 Tweet and 1,206.111 Retweet Apex Legends – 13,674 Tweet and 4

As you can see, Elden Ring also appears on the list, although he has not been able to occupy one of the highest positions and must be satisfied with the fifth position. Among the other games that have had some feedback thanks to the chirpings we find also Halo Infinite, which recently attracted the attention of the players both thanks to the debut of the campaign and the publication of the multiplayer for free, and Ghost of Tsu

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