Genshin Impact: How To Get Primogems For Free With Shenhe’s Web Event

There is now very little to the debut of version 2.4 of Genshin Impact, one of the richest ever for the time banners and that, therefore, requires players large sums of Primogems to be able to get as many characters as possible. In this regard, the web event “The Crane in the Clouds” comes to your aid.

As you can easily guess, it is another event that does not require the player to be inside Genshin Impact to be completed and, unlike other web events, this can be brought to 100% in a handful of seconds. The completion of this event guarantees all players not only 40 free Primogems, but also 20,000 Mora, some crystal to upgrade weapons and a handful of Shivada Jade, i.e. the materials for the ascension of characters C

To take part in the event you only have to log in with your miHoYo credentials on the official website (if you only play on PlayStation you have to log in to the event in game, from the menu) and then visit the portal From here you can follow the instructions and complete the three mini-activities proposed, which consist of nothing other than clicking a series of objects on screen and finally sharing a post on social media. We recommend you press the yellow button to copy the link and avoid sharing it on your social profiles: this way you will be free to choose whether or not to share the link by getting the same rewards. Speaking of rewards, these will be sent as always to your account via the game mail and the sending should be immediate. The event will end tomorrow, Tuesday 4 January 2022, and is accessible only to those players who have already reached at least the Adventurer Rank 10.

For those who do not know, during version 2.4 of Genshin Impact you can get 600 Primogems and 13 Interwined Fated for free simply by logging into the servers.

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