Genshin Impact: Date And Time Of Event Dedicated To Update Reveal 2.4

A few days after Arataki Itto’s debut in Genshin Impact with its banner in time, here comes directly from the official social channels of the free to play the announcement of the live during which to discover every secret of the update 2.4.

According to the same miHoYo, we can take a look at the future of Genshin Impact on the official Twitch channel of the game next Sunday, 26 December 2021, starting at 07:00 AM (UTC-5), time As far as the topics are concerned, we know for sure that we will be seeing a deepening on Shenhe and Yun Jin, characters announced a few weeks ago by developers to counter leaks. Speaking of stolen information, it is very likely that during the live show the new skin of Ningguang will be announced, which should accompany an additional costume of Keqing. At the moment you don’t know the characters of the rerun, but it is rumored that Ganyu can return together with Zhongli or Xiao with a double banner similar to that seen a few weeks ago with Albedo/Eula, leave

Waiting for the live broadcast to start, we remind you that Genshin Impact is the most mentioned on Twitter in 2021 and that you still have a few days to redeem as many as 1,600 Primogems for free.

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