Genshin Impact: Christmas Comes An Event With So Many Free Primogems

A few days after the distribution of 1,600 free Primogems in Genshin Impact, which can be redeemed for two more weeks, the development team of the famous free to play lets you know of the imminent arrival of a new and rich event at

The event will be activated next Friday 24 December 2021 and will take the name of Energy Amplifier Fruition. Although we don’t know the specific details of the activities that will be involved in the event, we know with certainty that we will face a series of challenges within a dungeon called Deceitful Domain with the aim of accumulating Hero’s Wit, As if that were not enough, the first completion of each single dungeon will allow players to receive free Primogems and it is likely that, as in all events, the amount of free crystals will be around 400. Anyone who wants to accumulate some extra Primogems can also dedicate himself to the event currently underway and always based on dungeons, which will end in a few days.

Waiting for miHoYo to publish the classic post in which all the features of the event are revealed in time, we remind you that Genshin Impact is the most mentioned on Twitter in 2021 according to a ranking that takes into account tweets and kings

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