Genshin Impact Barbara’s Idol In A Japanese-Style Cosplay

Every character of Genshin Impact, has its own story, its own affiliation, its own peculiarity but also passions and desires different from those of others. Waiting to discover the features of Xiao and Yunjin, two of the next characters coming in the next months in the game, we see one of the oldest playables.

In Genshin Impact’s players’ groups, Barbara has often been supported by the MiHoYo studio video game since its release in September 2020, and can be obtained free of charge in one of the first stages of the game during the prologue. She is a sister of Jean and affiliated to the church of Favonius, for which she has the role of deacon, but very often she is considered an idol, role she has discovered from Alice.

In real life, it is the Japanese Makko011tf who played Barbara in a cosplay where she really looks like an idol. In the picture below we see the girl with blonde hair and the blue and white clothes she also uses in the video game. A certainly good interpretation and faithfully re-imposing the character of Genshin Impact.

Putting Barbara aside, sister Jean also came to life in a genshin impact cosplay with Holly Wolf.

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