Genshin Impact: A Jean Who Looks Like A Doll In This Yukineko Cosplay

Cosplays are everywhere now: this phenomenon, born in reality several decades ago but only customsed with the consolidation of comics fairs in the West and with the advent of the internet, which has brought fresh air and more professional models, touches both Genshin Impact is also well-known in cosplay.

The game of the Chinese studio MiHoYo, which was made to stand up during his first year of life, created various characters to exploit, some of which have broken into the hearts of fans, especially girls who seem to have created almost a struggle between w In Genshin Impact there are many female figures who can carve out a role in the party of the video gamers, like the knight of Favonius Jean Gunnhildr.

The five-star rarity sword and anemous element looks like a blonde girl and a white and blue uniform with a cloak behind her shoulders. The cosplayer Yukineko1018 decides to present herself in the role of the character in this cosplay by Jean by Genshin Impact perfectly realized in all its details, adding a particular touch thanks to the background.

Sister Barbara also convinced the fans of the video game in some cosplays, while now in Genshin Impact there are Junk Chest coming in according to a leak.

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