Genshin Impact: A Fire Amber In The Cosplay Of The Italian Emasy

There were many characters created by MiHoYo studio for the debut of Genshin Impact. In September 2020, the pool was certainly smaller than today but still varied and effective. The main character’s journey to this magical continent could easily continue with the fellows that could be obtained.

Among the first characters included in Genshin Impact is Amber, a character who had for a long time a quite unique combination of elements. With its Pyro element and the mechanics of distance combat with the bow, it was supposed that it would be replaced only by Yomiya, even if things did not go properly as the public thought.

Amber remains a very present character on the net, with the outrider of the Knights of Favonius who has distinguished himself several times also thanks to some disguises of the cosplayers. There was an Italian Amber with Ahri’s cosplay, but she was certainly not the only one among the local cosplayers to dress the girl’s clothes created by MiHoYo.

Below you can see the cosplay of Amber by Genshin Impact created by Emasyy, another Italian, who also uses some effect to emphasize the character’s connection with fire.

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