Genshin Impact: A Cosplay Of Ningguang With All Its Charm

The Genshin Impact world is not the same as the real world. Teyvat, the continent where the player is catapulted after a dimensional journey, has no recognizable references and for this reason it is sui generis. However, there are places, views and cultures that reflect those present in the real world.

Taking inspiration from the collective imagination, there are in fact knights and magicians, witches and other works both today and in history, in a fantasy mix that also makes use of Eastern cultures and beliefs. There is a place that is clearly based on China and many characters, by their name and dress, are inevitably based on the traditions of the dragon country, home of MiHoYo study.

Many Genshin Impact characters are of this root, such as Beidou and Hu Tao, but among the most fascinating of this oriental group is Ningguang, the lady of Liyue Qixing. Charming and always decorated with colors like white and gold, it has always struck especially thanks to cosplay. Imperatrix Umbrosa, who on Instagram also calls himself Nyx Mons, proposed this character.

Taking back the same clothes seen in Genshin Impact, here is the fascinating cosplay of Ningguang. And always staying in this environment, here is a cosplay of Hu Tao in crimson shades and the cosplay of an Italian Beidou.

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