Genshin Impact: A Cosplay By Kujou Sara Gorgeous For The New Electrifying Character

Month by month, with new updates, MiHoYo implements new changes to Genshin Impact, one of its top video games and that in the last year has cut a thick role in the video game scene free to play

It is not only these two elements that capture attention, since much is due to the appeal of the characters, with Genshin Impact that always manages to add new ones. From the beginning of the adventure to the end of September 2020, there have been many playable characters added that can be obtained by various methods. The year opened with the introduction of Ganyu, while in the last months he made his entry into the cast of Genshin Impact Kujou Sara.

The archer and electro type, Sara is a member of the Kujou clan and is a tengu. His character is therefore based on the Eastern world, specifically Japanese, and is very faithful to his shogun. The cosplayer Alin Ma, who has always created excellent disguises and also accompanied by graphic effects to intensify her performance, has proposed to her audience a cosplay by Kujou Sara electrifying, with the archer in shape.

Arataki Itto, the new Genshin Impact fighter, thought about it to close the year.

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