Genshin Impact: A Cosplay By Hu Tao Beautifully Made By Zekia

The Teyvat continent is very wide, very extensive and with many scenery between islands and coasts, mountainous inland areas and plains. There are many places to visit in Genshin Impact and secrets to discover, with the chosen protagonist that can be flanked by a long list of characters that is increasingly expanded.

Yae Miko, one of the future additions of Genshin Impact, is coming from the Eastern world, but it is not yet playable. Always staying on characters and territories inspired by the Far East, we dedicate ourselves to Hu Tao, a character very similar to the world of the dead and who made his debut in the studio video game MiHoYo in March 2021, so almost He is the 77th director of Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, but he makes himself available to the player with his pyro techniques.

Hu Tao has been accompanying the protagonist for a long time, cutting out a niche audience in the boundless park of playable characters. The character comes to life with several cosplays. Zekia is one of these, with her Hu Tao cosplay that seems to fit perfectly. In the picture available below in fact it really seems to see the starry version of the character of Genshin Impact but in the real world.

Another arrival in Genshin Impact is Yun Jin, in action in the latest trailer published by MiHoYo studio.

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