Genshin Impact: A Beidou Cosplay In Italian Swimsuit Venor Nihil

MiHoYo presented itself to the world several years ago with Fly me 2 the Moon, a niche project that allowed the Chinese studio to continue its career in the video game world. Other games like Honkai Impact 3rd came along, but the real international success was given by the Genshin impact free-to-play.

For more than a year, miHoYo’s video game has been populating devices from millions of players around the world. Genshin Impact fever is everywhere and this is also reflected on what gets viral on the net. Many have launched themselves in Genshin Impact cosplays, representing their favorite characters. So everywhere, between Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other social media, there are cosplays of Yomiya, Barbara, Jean and many other characters.

Although fashions give more space to new characters, many of the first characters in Genshin Impact are still on the ridge of the wave. This is the case of Beidou, a Chinese warrior who is still used and loved by video gamers. A Beidou cosplay in Italian swimsuit Venor Nihil proves this, showing that the character is loved in our country. Beidou’s revisiting remains true to its main characteristics and tones.

In the future we may see cosplay of Xiao and Yunjin, the characters coming in the update 2.4 of Genshin Impact.

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