Genshin Impact 2.4: January 2022 Code To Get Primogems Free

Just a few hours after Genshin Impact’s 2.4 release, here comes the first code that players can get a free handful of Primogems.

Below you can find the code whose insertion allows you to receive in prize Primogems and materials for the enhancement of heroes:

9BPCJCQGHAWZ- Reward for code entry: 60 Primogems and 5 Adventurer’s Experience units

The method by which you can redeem the code for players is compatible with all versions of the game (PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Android and iOS) and does not require much effort to be completed. The first step is to update the title to version 2.4 (the last one) and, once the game is started, access the main menu to select the gear icon to access the settings. From here you have to first select the “Account” entry and then click on the “Redeem code” button. Depending on the device you are using, a virtual keyboard or an empty space will appear in which you type in the sequence of numbers and letters that you read just above and by which you get the rewards for free.

Anyone who plays on PC/Android/iOS or has a miHoYo account on which the Genshin Impact total cross-save has been enabled (so those who play exclusively on PlayStation cannot follow the next steps) has the In this case you first have to log in to the official website and then click on the “Redeem code” button at the top left of the portal: in doing so you access the useful screen for the ransom of codes, in which you have to select Europe as a

Once you have entered the code and clicked on the button to receive the rewards (you will see a screen message that will notify you of the code ransom), you just have to log in and check the game mail to find the message with the rewards

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