Genshin Impact 2.3: New December Code To Get Free Primogems

Just minutes from the announcement of the arrival of a rich package of 800 Free Primogems in Genshin Impact, since miHoYo celebrates the award of two playStation awards, here is that the company also publishes a new

Below you can find the code whose insertion allows you to receive in prize Primogems and materials for the enhancement of heroes:

ETNU2DN5NZRR – Reward for code entry: 60 Primogems and 4 Hero’s Wit units

The method by which to redeem the code is particularly simple and consists of a few simple steps that can be performed on any platform supported by the game: PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and mobile (Android and iOS). To redeem the game you first have to start the game updated to the latest version, log in to the settings menu, select the “Account” entry and then click on the “Redeem code” button. Depending on the device you are using, you will see a virtual keyboard or empty space in which you type in the sequence of numbers and letters useful for getting rewards and then confirm.

For those who do not know, this is only one of two useful methods to redeem codes. The second method is much faster but has an important limit, since it can only be used on accounts on which the total cross-save of Genshin Impact has been enabled or for those who play on PCs and mobile devices (Android and iOS). To take advantage of this method, log into the official website and then select the “Redeem code” button at the top left to display a screen through which you can enter all the codes and redeem them in a handful of seconds (make sure you select Europe as a server

Regardless of the method you have chosen to receive the rewards, these will be sent to your mailbox and you will have about a month to open the appropriate game menu in order to claim them all. Unfortunately, we do not know exactly what the exact duration of the code is and we suggest you recover these rewards as soon as possible, since it may expire any moment.

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