Geforce Now: Fortnite On Ios And Android In Beta And Update Of Nvidia Shield Tv

NVIDIA’s weekly update on the latest news on its platforms is full of surprises, from the arrival of the new Shield TV rollout to the start of the beta testing phase of the cloud version of Fortnite for iOS and Android with a lot of

We then start from NVIDIA SHIELD TV to confirm the arrival of Shield Experience 9.0 and, with it, the transition to Android 11 of the operating system of all models of the multimedia device of the green house, including the original systems launched in

GeForce NOW users who are passionate about multiplayer video games and battle royale experiences will be happy to know that, starting next week, Fortnite for iOS and Android will be launched in a closed Beta limited time that can be enjoyed on mobile devices

Fortnite Beta registrations on GeForce NOW are open for all NVIDIA service subscribers and will allow the American tech giant to test the capabilities of its servers, the graphics rendering and performance of new touch controls made with the support of Epic Ga

The latest update introduced server side by NVIDIA also makes it easier for individual development teams interested in implementing touch controls in their own games made on graphic engines such as Unreal Engine 4. As for the new releases on GeForce NOW, the green house signals the imminent arrival of streaming versions of FPS coop The Anacrusis (13 January), Supraland Six Inches Under (14 January) and Ready or Not.

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