Gaming And Nft, The Author Of It Takes Two Speaks: ‘L’m Quite Shooting Myself At A Knee’

The NFT boom is gonna last? Not all analysts have the same opinion on this, for a complex theme that recently also called Joseph Fares into question.

Interviewed by The Washington Post, the founder of Hazelight and author of A Way Out, as well as the acclaimed It Takes Two, the game director has not damaged comments on the topic. Although he could not reveal details about his next game, Fares categorically excluded the possibility of including NFT dynamics. On the contrary, the author has guaranteed that he would prefer “shooting at a knee” rather than giving space to the Non Fungilbe Tokens in the video play field.

“Let me say this: – Joseph Fares solemnly declared – as far as I am concerned, any decision that moves you to change the structure of a game to make a player spend money on you is wrong. If you create a game with the aim of telling a story, I think it’s wrong.” A strong counter-trend position compared to the current large investment flows, as demonstrated by the recent growth on the Stock Exchange of Square Enix.

In the interview with The Washington Post, Joseph Fares also had the opportunity to jump into the focus of many software houses on the theme of replayability. “We’ll never do a live service. Other people can dedicate themselves to it, I’m not saying that replayability is a negative element for any game. Some games are based on it. I’m just saying that for the games we play in Hazelight there should be no focus on replayability, because that’s not the focus of experience. It’s already a problem to end people with a single player game, so why think about replayability?”

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