Gamestop Launches The Winter Promo With Many Offers To Save Money!

It’s cold outside, it rains and it snows… what better chance to stay in the house and spend a video game night? If you don’t know what to play, GameStop comes to your rescue thanks to the new Winter Promo online and in store, with many games on offer and great opportunities to save money.

The Winter Promos are valid from January 6th to February 16th except for anticipations or extensions and are reserved for owners of GS+ games available until stock lasts.

In GameStop stores during the period indicated by buying two new games with the white stamp in a single transaction, the least expensive will pay only 5 euros. Note: “The two games must not necessarily be of the same platform. It is not possible to buy two equal titles.”

Online players can enjoy a 20% discount on a selection of new video games on offer and used games guaranteed by GameStop, plus 20% discount on accessories such as headsets, controllers and many other products.

The offers are valid only and exclusively for GS+ owners, the availability of games is variable according to the individual points of sale and online until the availability of stocks is exhausted. For further clarification, the people of the points of sale are at your disposal for any information.

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