Gamestop Is Making Deals With Publishers To Sell Nft, Growing Shares By 20%

As we know, GameStop wants to enter the NFT market and the company is looking for authors of Non-fungible token but there is more because according to the WSJ the giant of eCommerce would like to put up a real and

According to sources from the Wall Street Journal, GameStop Corporation would be looking for 20 people to add to the NFT marketplace team that should be launched by the end of the year. GameStop seems to be “in negotiation with selected publishers and developers” in order to sign agreements for the sale of NFTs as clothes for avatars, weapons and other digital collectibles.

GameStop is looking for NFT creators and the announcement appeared at the beginning of the year on the channels of the group, but apparently the company wants to go further by entering into partnerships with publishers and developers of video games and presumably with companies from the world of cinema GameStop Corporation does not have an IP catalog in its own possession and therefore has no self-produced content to sell in digital format, hence the decision to seek NFT creators and precisely to make collaborations with intellectual property owners of great appeal able to push the sale

Since the news has spread the stock market has rewarded GameStop Corporation and the shares of the company have grown by 20%, a clear sign of how there is interest in the entry of a new player in the sector. To stay on the subject, we point out that Konami will sell NFT Castlevania at auction to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the famous vampire saga.

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