Gamestop: Fortnite And Tekken 7 Among The New Surprises Of Advent Calendar

Fifteenth Advent Calendar Day from GameStop and even today there are surprises with many games on offer at a discounted price. Here are the surprises of the Advent Calendar of Wednesday, December 15.

Fortnite Ment Legend Package costs 24.98 euros, this edition of the game includes various extra contents including: Fresh Aura Costume, Decorative Back Mint Capiente, Mint Mountain Piccoon, Mint Bombarder Costume

Frangifreshness, Gold Skeleton Costume, Decorative Back Mint Mantle, Small Triple Mint Scepter, Piramenta Coverage and 1,000 V-Buck to spend in-game.

Continue with Tekken 7 and Jump Force at 14.98 euros each, Disney Magical World 2 Enchanted Edition at 34.98 euros and Atrix PRO Series headphones at 30.98 euros.

Advent Calendar bonus offers like the PlayStation Super-Evaluation continue: until December 17, bring back your used console and receive 150 euros for PS4 Fat or PS4 Slim and 200 euros for The discount voucher of 10 euros on the application of protective films license plate Mobile Outfitters, finally are still available two bundle consoles for Christmas: Xbox Series S Fortnite and Rocket League costs 269.98 euros, while at 299

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