Games With Gold: Available Today The Other 2 Free Games In January

As promised, Microsoft has made available the other two Games with Gold in January 2022, free for all subscribers to Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass Ultimate for consoles. Let’s find out what this is all about.

From today, January 16, all subscribers can download and play at no extra cost to Aground (Xbox One, Series X Plus) and Space Invaders Infinity Gene (Xbox 360, One and Series X Plus). The first will remain in the selection until February 15, while the second will leave it a few weeks before, i.e. January 31. The two new games go to join NeuroVoider (Xbox One, Series X Plus), available in the Games with Gold selection since the beginning of the month.

Aground is a role-playing game based on mining and crafting made in pixel art, which leaves you alone and abandoned on a deserted island with the aim of starting a new life as one of the last inhabitants of the Earth. Space Invaders Infinity Gene, on the other hand, is a Xbox 360 shooter that starts as a remake of the classic Tomohiro Nishikado and then embraces the concept of evolution, transforming under the eyes and the fingertip

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