Gamelife: How To Sell Games And Consoles Used Online In Just Minutes With Buyback

BuyBack is the online service that allows you to sell consoles, games and accessories used directly to Gamelife, without needing to move from home and receiving payment in the form of credit to be spent online or cash by bank transfer. New year, new life and BuyBack presents itself to the public with two important news.

Until January 31st, the promotion will allow you to obtain 90% of the total value of the products sold by choosing the payment option by cash transfer (usually this payment method provides a 70% compensation of the total) and as always 100% of the value by choosing the refund by credit s But how can we sell our second-hand products without leaving the house? It is very easy and you will just follow this procedure:

Search for products you own on the Gamelife website and once you find them click on the Sell your used highlighted green button

Once you have added all the products to the used cart to sell, select Go to checkout

Enter your data and credit method: cash with credit or credit Gamelife

Pack the products and send them to the address indicated in the confirmation email, the shipping costs are at the customer’s expense

Done! Gamelife will evaluate the products received and within 5 working days of receiving the package. Items deemed unsuitable will be returned to the owner. BuyBack is the innovative Gamelife service for the sale of used products, if you want to sell even more easily and intuitive you can use the new box for the sale that you find on the home page of Gamelife. The allows you to quickly find the products to be sold simply by typing the barcode of the game, the accessory or the console, in this way the item will be immediately displayed and added to the sales cart, with evaluation in evidence. This tool(registration is free) but remember that very old games may not be found correctly with this method.In January there is an extra reason to sell your used, until the end of the month in fact Gamelife overvalues the PlayStation n consoles allowing

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