Game Boy Color With Internet, Email And Messages? Nintendo Wanted To Do It With Pageboy

The Game Boy Color, the historic portable console of Nintendo, was released in 1998, a few years before the most rudimentary versions of smartphones came to the market.

At that time, the Internet was still a fairly new concept and the idea of bringing along a single device that could send emails, search the Web, send photos and streaming videos was quite new to consumers.

All this would have been present on Game Boy Color if PageBoy’s project had seen the light. In a video released today on his YouTube channel, videogaming journalist and researcher Liam Roberston revealed for the first time details and images of the device.

The accessory was designed to use radio transmission technology to allow Game Boy Color owners to search for information and read international news, game magazines, weather reports, sports results and even watch live television. This technology would also allow users to contact and send messages to other PageBoy owners.

Although Nintendo was impressed by many of PageBoy’s features, he came across a major obstacle. The device was based on radio networks that existed only in selected parts of the world, such as the United States, greatly limiting the device’s customer base. According to Robertson, Nintendo believed that the key to the success of the Game Boy was the universality of its hardware, which allowed users from all over the world to play the same titles with the same characteristics. The project was therefore finally discarded in July 2002, but today we can at least observe a mockap of what PageBoy could have been.

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