Funko Pop!: Five Gift Ideas For Gaming Lovers From Gamestop

Are you looking for an original gift to do to a friend of yours who is passionate about video games? Or, quite simply, do you want to fill and embellish your gamer board? Then we recommend five Funko Pop! buyable and ready to deliver from GameStop that no video game lover should let slip.

For starters, we believe that in no collection should miss a Funko Pop! by Johnny Silverhand with guns (15,98 euros): the character played by Keanu Reeves in Cyberpunk 2077 became iconic instantly Those who have grown on bread, PlayStation and platformers will be thrilled to see the Funko Pop! by Crash Bandicoot (15,98 euros). Spider Man – there are some of them out there, we are sure – we recommend the Funko Pop! by Miles Morales with the Track Suit (15,98 euros), view in Marvel’s Sp

To the players who survived Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice reaching the credits, we recommend instead to expose a trophy in memory of their venture with the Funko Pop! of Sekiro (15,98 euros). For our last suggestion we stay in the territory FromSoftware proposing the Funko Pop! of the Bloodborne Hunter (19,98 euros), sold exclusively by GameStop.

While we are at it, we recommend you also take a look at the promotion for Black Friday on the Funko Pop! by GameStop, thanks to which you can buy two statues (in a selection) at the promotional price of 24

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