Free Pc Games: Ubisoft Gives Year 1404 With The Expansion Set In Venice

If you are looking for a free strategic and management game to play maybe during the year-end holidays, you just found it. Ubisoft decided to give, for a limited period of time only, Year 1404 History Edition for PC.

“Discover the classic urban management of the Year 1404 and its expansion Venice, completely updated for modern operating systems. The expansion of Venice in Year 1404 adds the cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes, new espionage functions and city councils, as well as new ships, missions and objects to expand your empire.”

Year 1404 is entirely translated into Italian, rather contained the minimum and recommended requirements:

FX 4130

I3-3220 • 3.3 Ghz + GTX 660 • 2 GB + 4 GB RAM, Windows 7 (720p 30fps)

I5-4460 • 3.2 Ghz + GTX 770 • 4 GB + 4 GB RAM, Windows 10 (1080p 30fps)

Ryzen5 1600 • 3.2 Ghz + RX 470 • 4 GB + 4 GB RAM, Windows 10 (1080p 30fps)

You can download free Year 1404 from Ubisoft Store, this version includes the full game and the Venice expansion, you have until 15:00 (Italian time) on December 14 to add Year 1404 to your library, once redeemed the game will remain

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