Free Pc Games: New Epic Games Store Gifts Of 6 And 13 January 2022

After sending Lara Croft fans in jujucal broth offering the latest Tomb Raider trilogy for free, Epic Games representatives are back to update the weekly gift section on Epic Store to do

Starting today afternoon, Thursday 6 January, all those who own an Epic account (whose registration, remember, is totally free) can redeem a copy of Gods Will Fall, a role-playing adventure that sees for the protagonists of the war Surviving the defeat of their army, the heroic protagonists of Gods Will Fall must deal with mythological creatures generated by a pantheon of bizarre deities that, evidently, have decided to end the If you were interested, here is our review of Gods Will Fall.

Next week, Clever Beans and Deep Silver’s action dark fantasy will be replaced by Galactic Civilizations III, the penultimate act of the iconic 4X genre strategic saga signed by Star The title places users in charge of a civilization (human or alien) of the future that, after having managed to acquire the technologies and scientific skills necessary to undertake the exploration of deep space, will venture among the stars to go in search of new opportunities for social expansion,

The option to get zero euro a PC copy of Galactic Civilizations 3 will be activated on Epic Games Store from 17:00 on Thursday 13 January and, as for the trilogy of Tomb Raider and the previous regs

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