Free Games Epic Games Store: A New Gift Game From Today

These are the last hours to download Galactic Civilization 3 for free PC from Epic Games Store, you have until 16:59 this afternoon, from 17:00 will arrive instead Relicta, free for a whole week.

Relicta is a first person Ski-Fi puzzle following Portal’s footsteps: “Relicta is a first person physics-based puzzle game where you have to combine magnetism and gravity creatively for s Without anyone’s help, deep in the moon, your scientific mind is the only thing that can keep your daughter alive…”

You can download Relicta from Epic Games Store free of charge from 17:00 on January 20 and until the same time on January 27, once redeemed the game will remain yours forever and you can use it without time restrictions or content of any kind,

Although it is not a great-reckoning game, Relicta is a physics-based puzzle that is very interesting for lovers of the genre, capable of collecting a small success in the indie scene. This could be the right opportunity to rediscover it, waiting to know which free game will give Epic Games Store next week. We’ll find out this afternoon.

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