Forza Horizon 5, Xbox One Vs Series X: Comparison Generations In Graphics Video editorial staff conducted a new analysis of the graphics of Forza Horizon 5 through a video comparison between Xbox One and Xbox Series X that confirms, if ever needed, the exceptional work done by the Play team

By running the same FH5 races in parallel on the Microsoft platforms of the current and previous generation, the kids highlighted the incredible commitment of the subsidiary of the Xbox Game Studios to optimize the graphic experience and

Despite its crossgen nature, the Horizon 5 engine manages to climb perfectly according to the computational resources at its disposal to make full use of its specifications, thanks to a manual management of techniques such as the LOD and the effects of

Judging from the words spoken in recent weeks by the Playground Games team, this real “technological miracle” is one of the huge benefits of the development of Force Horizon 5 in three years. According to the information provided by Creative Director Mike Brown in October, the three-year development agreed by Microsoft and Playground Games allowed the British authors to add new biomes to the Mexico map, significantly improve graphics and ensure maximum biota.

In our review of Forza Horizon 5 you will find further ideas and insights, both on graphics and content, in view of the launch of the open world masterpiece of Playground Games expected for November 9 on PC, X

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