Forza Horizon 5 Will Be Released In 2021? For Grubb Could Arrive Before Motorsport

With its free graphic update, Force Horizon 4 was one of the games to show off the Xbox Series X muscles at launch right away. Two years after the release, the Playground Games open world racing continues to be very much played by Microsoft users, yet there is a hunger for new…

Force Horizon fans have been used to all too well in the past, for they have never had to wait more than two years between chapters. Recently, however, a lot of things have changed: Turn 10 has asked for more time to develop the new Motorsport Force, while Playground Games has joined the Xbox Game Studios family and started work on the new Fable. Come on, Horizon 5 is waiting longer than expected, but there’s someone who claims to know his launch window…

That someone is Jeff Grubb, now known journalist of VentureBeat who in recent times has distinguished himself for a lot of good predictions and some oversight. During a recent episode of the PSVG Blog Podcast (after an hour, 25 minutes and 10 seconds to be exact) he said that the next Horizon Force could see the light in 2021, probably even before the new Motorsport Force of The Playground Games guys would be very forward in the developments, and ready to get to the market before the colleagues of Turn 10, although they haven’t announced anything yet– During the podcast, which you can also hear at the bottom of this news, After Colorado, Italy, France, Australia and Great Britain, where would you like to travel in the next Horizon on Xbox Series X Plus and PC?

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