Forza Horizon 5, Over 1 Million Early Access Users: The Absurd Review Bombing Starts

As witnessed by the outstanding success of the Early Access of Forza Horizon 5, the Kolossal racing of Playground Games has all the cards in order to become one of the biggest video games hits of this end 2021. Too bad only for the first, absurd attempt at review bombing that is taking place on Metacritic.

Several members of the community of the popular international review aggregation are in fact trying to “stain” the incredible average vote of Force Horizon 5 sharing the pretense user reviews to lower its rating.

Despite the commitment of Metacritic managers to cut off this kind of activity through constant review and moderation of content, the portal continues to be published regularly of user reviews by the vote of 0 out of 10 taking advantage of the launch of the title (although

As we write, you can read dozens of extremely negative judgments about the work of Playground Games: the motivations of those who are participating in this review bombing range from the accusations of “selling extra a DLC of Force Horizon 4

Meanwhile, Microsoft’s videogaming division celebrates the achievement of the million players early access to Force Horizon 5. Before leaving you to comment, please note that the open world arcade racing of Playground Games is scheduled to be released on November 9 on PC, Xbox One and Series X/S, as well as on Xbox Game Pass. If you missed it, here is our review of Force Horizon 5.

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