Forza Horizon 5: New Patch And A Spectacular Pc Build For Racing With Microsoft License Plate

Playground Games developers have released a new corrective patch for Horizon 5 Force that solves some of the problems encountered by players. Meanwhile, the famous Microsoft racing is the protagonist of a spectacular Austin Evans branded rig.

The first major corrective patch for Force Horizon 5 is finally available, after referrals from the past few days. The hotfix available for PC (via Steam and Microsoft Store), Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S will correct some of the problems reported by players and significantly improve the stability of the game, especially on PC. In fact, frequent crashes have been corrected, improved multiplayer sector stability, eliminated exploits that allowed to gain goals easily, restored rewards and solved problems related to resolution and depth of field in the PC version. For all details, please refer to the official Playground Games patch note.

Meanwhile, the new episode of the PC Builders Series sees as its protagonist Forza Horizon 5: the well-known influencer Austin Evans has in fact built a spectacular PC build theme using a real alloy circle. The results are extraordinary. In the last few hours the racing game of the British team has been at the center of controversy due to the lack of candidacy for the GOTY of The Game Awards 2021.

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