Forza Horizon 5 How Do You Pronounce It? Xbox Remembers The Italian Origins Of The Name Of The Series

Taking up a scene from the beautiful introductory sequence of Forza Horizon 5, the curators of the social media of Xbox remember with a nice clip the real pronunciation of the term “Forza” and, with it, the Italian origins of the name of

In the scene recreated by the managers of the official Xbox Twitter profile you can see the intro of FH5 accompanied by a Google Translator box that performs the right syllabing in “Fort-za” of the name of the

The Italian origins of the name chosen by Turn10 to launch the racing series of Forza Motorsport on Xbox consoles in 2005, are actually known for several years: the same American developers, in January 2019, encouraged the fans

As previously argued by the subsidiary of the Xbox Game Studios, behind the decision to adopt the term Force as a synthesis of their new IP there was the need to combine the tradition of the Bel Paese for the cars to the will of American developers to universally express the Before leaving you to comments, please note that on the pages of you can read our review of Force Horizon 5.

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