Forza Horizon 5 Also Wins Japan: Excellent Scores For Racing Game

After winning the title with the best launch ever in Xbox history, the new videogaming production signed by Playground Games also conquers Japan.

In the last issue of Famitsu, the famous periodical of the Levant Sun, the critics have no doubts and assigns to Forza Horizon 5 of the excellent votes. The racing game Verdicrociato actually touches the Perfect Score of 40/40, stopping one step from the finish line with an excellent 37/40. Evaluated by four different editors, as always on Famitsu’s pages, the exclusive Microsoft collected a 10/10 and three 9/10.

Mexico’s scenery in Force Horizon 5, in short, seems to have definitely won Japan’s videogaming critics. We remember the possibility to capture four-wheeled racing cars and spectacular views in the game, thanks to the rich photographic mode of Force Horizon 5, with which you can create suggestive snapshots of game between one race and the other

Although with less enthusiastic tones, the latest issue of Famitsu also promotes the last chapter of the COD series, with Call of Duty: Vanguard, which manages to achieve a total vote of 32/40. In this case, all the editors who tested the shooter found themselves in agreement in assigning an 8/10 vote.

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