Fortnite X Radiohead: How To Unlock Lobby Music And Free Loading Screen

Among the many collaborations that are coming in recent times in Fortnite Chapter 2 there is also a Radiohead theme, the famous music group to which a free video play experience has been dedicated called KID A MNESIA EXHIBIT Let’s find out how to get free rewards for the event in the battle royale.

How to unlock the music of the lobby

To get the background music of Fortnite menus called “Untitled v1” and inspired by the same name track of the latest Radiohead album, Kid A Mnesia, no special steps are required. You just have to redeem the free game dedicated to the music group on PlayStation 5 or PC (through Epic Games Store), ensuring that the account used for the ransom is connected to the platforms on which you play Fortnite. No matter whether the game is downloaded or started, as you simply redeem the product on either platform and then start Fortnite Chapter 2 on an associated account to receive the music of the lobby.

Our advice is to redeem the product on the web version of Sony or Epic Games stores using one of the following download links:

How to unlock the loading screen

The useful process to get the loading screen is even easier to do directly in Fortnite Chapter 2. From today until 23 November 2021 at 1:00 of the Italian time zone will be in fact possible to buy at 0 V-Buck in the shop objects the Land of freedom loading screen. In short, all you have to do is start the game and grab the object before it is removed from the store.

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