Fortnite X Jordan: How To Unlock The Event’s Free Emotion

Even a few days after Fortnite’s debut Chapter 3, Epic Games has launched a new collaboration that sees a mini-themed Jordan event within the battle royale for free. In addition to a set of skin that players can buy with V-Bucks in the store, there is also a free object available that you can unlock through a challenge.

Complete the challenges of acrobatic pitches in the Jumpman Zone (0/12) – Reward: Spray “Deep In the Paint”

First, you enter the Jumpman Zone, the new game area created specifically for the event. To enter this hub, you can select the same entry in the game mode selector or enter the code island code “5519-3138-2454” in the Creative mode menu section. In this particular place you have to collect several shoes by completing the modes accessible through the portals surrounding the Jordan symbol. Once you have accumulated enough shoes, one of the doors will open on the other side of the Jumpman Zone, where you will find a series of simple challenges that consist of pulling the ball into every single basket in the room. This is not a particularly difficult task and there are no time limits: you can enter the room and try to pull the ball into the basket until you can. In order to unlock the spray, all you have to do is complete the twelve challenges around the Jumpman Zone.

It should be noted that the event in question will not last very long and if you are interested in unlocking the free emotion you will have to proceed to the completion of the mission by and no later than next Saturday, December 4, 2021, that is the day on which we will

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