Fortnite, Server Down On December 29, 2021: Epic Games Working On Problems

Fortnite was inaccessible on 29 December 2021. The title Epic Games is in fact going to meet a series of issues and servers are currently down. Developers are aware of the situation and have already mobilized to resolve the situation and allow users to return to play regularly.

There seems to be many problems and they also concern login and matchmaking difficulties. At present it is unclear when the situation will be restored to normal: the Fortnite Status Twitter page in the last update provided over half an hour ago (when we write) reveals that maintenance work is still ongoing and that for the time being the game remains The service ensures updates as soon as there will be news about the status of maintenance, without however specifying how long you will have to wait before further news.

In short, for now it is not possible to enjoy the popular battle royale, but the hope for all fans is that the situation will be resolved as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, it seems that the Doom Slayer and other Microsoft and Bethesda skin are coming to Fortnite, although at the moment there is no official confirmation from Epic or other interested companies. Finally, don’t miss the guide to take your first steps in Fortnite Chapter 3, with several useful tricks to get your own adventure into the battle royale at its best.

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